First Post

I’m trying to inch my way back into photography, after studiously ignoring my gear for the last decade or so. I left my undergraduate studies in Fine Art in 1995 to break in to web publishing, which evolved into an IT carreer. This has been great in terms of providing a comfortable living with all the benefits a middle-class lifestyle brings, but has left me feeling creatively sapped. My torpor towards creative work may be a result of the common stresses a carreer brings, or maybe I’m avoiding the practice of a way of life I gave up on.

Whatever. In the past couple of years i’ve started collecting cameras again, and I’m starting to shoot pictures again. I’m going to use this space to post some of the more interesting images I manage to produce, and discuss the peculiarities of the different cameras I use and their artistic implications. I hope anyone who happens across this site will offer me feedback on what they see and read, as I seek to reignite my creativity.

Anyway, let’s not do a first post without an image:

Moving Landscale

Moving Landscape, 2001 Copyright Michael Merideth

Yeah, so this is a few years ago. My wife and I took a vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico in September of 2001. This was shot on the way. Don’t remember the camera, but I’ll bet it was my old Canon FTb which I inherited from my grandpa about 15 years ago. I like the sense of motion, and the visible grain, as well as the gradation in the sky. This version is a duotone done in Photoshop, and is cropped.


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