First Attempt at HDR

Switzerland Trail Looking East – hdr
Originally uploaded by mjm1138.

Here’s a composite image created with Photomatix Basic. If you click the image and go to my flickr account, you can see the underexposed and overexposed images from which this “HDR” image was created. I like the results, though it’s notable that even using a tripod to do the bracketing, I was forced to do a little judicious cropping in photoshop to get the two shots to line up, and even then it wasn’t quite perfect. So while you pick up a lot of color detail, it seems that you’re likely to lose some image sharpness using this technique. I suggest using a cable release or self-timer to minimize camera movement. Not much to say about the image composition; it’s not very exciting. I did take quite a few pictures on this trip however, so I hope to find one or two worthy of posting.


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