Golden Cemetery

Monument II

Originally uploaded by mjm1138.

Today we visited the Golden Cemetery. It’s probably one of the newer ones we’ve been to, and is still well maintained. It also doesn’t convey the same sense of history that e.g. Riverside does, but in that I find it uniquely of Golden. Golden keeps not quite living up to its potential for me; the hand of industry has moved too freely (I have an earlier flickr set called “Urban Landscapes” which touches on this.

Another new lens to try out. New to me anyway. I got a Nikkor 35-70 1:3.3-4.5 ebay, since I didn’t have a macro-capable lens, and was able to get this one for a song. This is not high-end glass, but I find it enjoyable to shoot with. The other day I read about “Bokeh”, which refers to how a lens performs at rendering out-of-focus areas. I’m really liking the bokeh of this lens. It also has a pleasing flare to my eye; there’s another picture of this monument in the flickr set that features this flare.


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