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More iPhone Photos

Some images from a train trip Sarah and I took to Iowa about a week ago:

IMG_0107 - 2007-09-03 at 08-54-36

Here’s a link to the set. The phone sensor is slow to scan as you can see above, resulting in the interesting slanted effect. There are some shots I like from the Osceola Amtrak station in the set as well. The station has apparently had virtually no work done save paint since it was built, making it a bit of a throwbacck.

IMG_0088 - 2007-09-02 at 21-03-20

Note the high tank on the urinal.  The toilet was more conventional, but the plumbing still enters the stall several feet above the tank.


iPhone Photography

Got an iPhone recently. It has a little 1.9 megapixel still camera built-in; very cheap. That said if you tweak the output a little bit you can get a nice Loma-like quality; albeit with a lot of chromatic abberation and other noise. This photo was taken from the Cinderella Twin drive-in movie theater in Englewood, CO. The camera interface is nicer than most cell phones (of course), so I do find myself using the camera more than with phones I’ve had in the past.