April Snow

April Snow

Originally uploaded by mjm1138.

I think a lot of people would pick February as their least favorite month, at least anyone who has spent February in the upper midwest. Here in Colorado though, I think it’s April that really drives people crazy. This shot is from the 17th of April. Two days previous the temperature reached 78F. The snow in April comes fast and thick, and right when you’ve overcome your rational self and become convinced that spring is, at long last, here. Oh no it isn’t. Of course on the flip side, I had to take this picture first thing in the morning, as the snow was all gone by evening. Today, three days later, it was in the 70’s again and I was out golfing.

I reckon the fact that the ground was retaining heat from the previous days explains the weird lumpy nature of the snow here. Any snow that came in contact with the ground melted, so it was just the flakes that were suspended on the (let’s call it) grass in our yard stayed frozen. Nice almost foamy effect.

Shot with the Canon G9, using the built-in “snow” setting, with no post processing other than cropping and whatever resizing flickr did. I got the camera because I can go full-manual and shoot RAW, but there’s definitely something to be said for the idiot-proof modes when I’m walking to my truck in the morning and I just want to snag a couple shots without thinking about them too hard.


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