Happy Nora

Happy Nora

Originally uploaded by mjm1138.

Our cats Nora and Lenina just turned 17 years old! They are two of the shrimpiest cats you’re likely to meet (Lennie is the big one by a wide margin and last time she sat still on a scale she was 8.5 pounds). They’re transitioning from kittenish straight to little-old-ladyish. Nora here has been on maintenance meds for chronic intestinal troubles for a couple years now, so we’re lucky to have had as much time with her as we have. Last spring when she shed her winter coat she was suddenly all salt-and-pepper with lots of white hairs appearing everywhere.

Here, she sits on the wool rug in our bedroom and enjoys some sunshine. Shot with my iPhone a couple months ago, while she was still in her winter coat.  I like how the white rug in the foreground contrasted with the black background echo’s Nora’s coloring.


One response to “Happy Nora

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