Link: Turn Your Point-and-Shoot into a Super-Camera

Check out this link from Lifehacker:

Turn Your Point-and-Shoot into a Super-Camera

Instructions and links for a firmware hack for many common Canon p-n-s cameras to give them advanced capabilities.  Looks non-destructive to boot (i.e. little chance of “bricking” your camera).  Usual caveats apply, of course, but I’d be interested to hear what the impact on image quality is from this hack.

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3 responses to “Link: Turn Your Point-and-Shoot into a Super-Camera

  1. WOW! I may have to try this. Getting RAW output from my Canon SD750is would be awesome. Thanks for the link!

  2. Jim Merideth

    Been a while since I checked into your blog. Love the pictures and accompanying stories. I’m using the shot of boulder creek in winter for background on my computer as it is such a soothing and peaceful contrast to the continuous brush fires of daily life. Of course the technical portions of the text are a bit beyond my position in the technical knowledge continuum. I would be tempted to Google RAW but fear what I might see and then have to purge from my computer:>) We are thinking digital and Canon, perhaps a Rebel digital to match the film version we currently have so as to share lenses. So many gadgets to long for and all mad money going to buy gasoline. Obama is going to solve the energy crisis isn’t he?

  3. My understanding of the EOS Digital Rebel XSi (the entry-level Canon DSLR) is that it’s a brilliant camera; I’m sure you guys would be happy with it and your lenses should work just dandy. I’m a Nikon guy myself, but I get the distinct impression it’s kind of a Ford vs. Chevy thing, where everyone ends up happy with what they got and very few people end up thinking they went with the wrong brand. is my go-to site for doing research on cameras; they cover all of the manufacturers in far greater depth than any other site I’ve seen and perform a common test suite on all the cameras they review, so it’s easy to get a real comparison there. Some time I’ll do a post on RAW, but the short answer is it’s a good file format to use if you have a lot of extra hard drive space you’re looking to fill up 🙂

    Hopefully Obama will fix the energy crisis, but I get the feeling we’ve seen the last of sub-$4.00/gal gas. Don’t feel too bad, they’ve been paying that much in Europe for decades (Oh wait, they have effective mass transit there. D’oh!). On the plus side, for once Sarah and I purchased a car at the right time. When we got our Prius last year they were selling slowly and there were factory incentive deals on them. Now I hear it’s back to waiting lists and dealer markups.

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