Empire State From Rockefeller

Empire State From Rockefeller

Originally uploaded by mjm1138.

The Canon G9 giving it all it’s got, albeit with a bit of help from Aperture 2.1. It was raining in New York for a great deal of the time we were there, including when we were out on the observation deck of Rockefeller Center (or “Top of the Rock”, as the literature calls it). Anyway, it’s a great view from up there, and we spent a fair bit of time taking it in and snapping pictures. Just barely visible in this photo, off in the distance to the right is the statue of liberty, which of course looks tiny from here, but we’re a few miles away at least.

More pictures from this trip are on my Flickr page.

This is a good example of a photo that would be extremely hard to capture in a JPG format. I ended up doing quite a bit of dynamic range compression to bring in detail in the blown out highlights and the shadows, and if you’re not working with a raw format file that highlight and shadow detail data will have been discarded in the camera when it was making image processing decisions.

With RAW, you don’t get to use a lot of the “scene” modes on the camera, which can be a serious drawback for tricky shooting situations. Of course, if your camera supports RAW, chances are it included software which can take those files and process them as though they had been processed in-camera in a “scene” mode. One nice thing about the Canon G9 is that it has a couple custom modes, where I can save handy presets for settings that aren’t affected by the RAW format (e.g. flash settings), so I don’t have to manually check settings every time I power up the camera.

By the way, Aperture 2.1 is a great upgrade from 1.5, and if you’ve been a longtime Aperture user and have old photos that were processed using Apple RAW 1.1, take the time to go back and reprocess them with RAW 2.0; the difference is striking in some cases.


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